Antimicrobial Workshop ASM 2013 Adelaide – MALDI-TOF and Sensitivity Testing

Antimicrobial Workshop Adeliade 2013 Powerpoint presentation (in PDF)

Antimicrobial Workshop ASM Newsletter 2013 Adelaide



What’s in a name? – Impact of MALDI-TOF and Susceptibility Testing in Microbiology

On behalf of the Australian Society for Microbiology Antimicrobial Special Interest Group (ASIG)

ASIG Convenor/Chair: Dr. John Merlino further information–

Decreasing the time to species identification and early antibiotic susceptibility determination of bacterial strains recovered from infected patients significantly decreases morbidity, mortality patients and aids in infection control practices. This workshop will focus on the MALDI-TOF system(s) and current applications with automated susceptibility testing methods (Vitek, Phoneix) and disc susceptibility testing methods (CLSI, CDS Users or EUCAST users), its impact on laboratories in providing a faster and accurate turnaround time. Fast and accurate diagnostic identification and AST methods are an important part in guiding treatment for infections and infection control practices.

In this ASIG workshop various invited presenters will give brief presentations on the impact of MALDI-TOF and AST methods in their institutions and what the future holds in screening, identifying pathogens and antimicrobial resistance

J Merlino Maldi Tof – What’s in a Name – Introduction

Patrick Murray Maldi Tof NHI Experience

Tom Olma Maldi Tof and Phoenix

David Gordon Maldi Tof Large Private Lab

Jolanta Terlecka Into the Future Large Hop Public Lab

P Griffin Madi Tof and VRE

C Firacative Maldi Tof and Cryptococcus Lecture

L Thomas Maldi Tof and Blood Cultures

J Merlino Maldi Tof Chromogenic Media

Quality control in MALDI-TOF


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