ASM Antimicrobial ASIG Workshop 2015 Canberra

Title Workshop:

 Update on Antimicrobials Resistance: Gram Positive and Gram Negative Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Methods and Applications in Laboratories   

Chair: Dr. John Merlino National ASM ASIG Convenor

Time Table:

All Presentation will be downloaded    

The ASM Antimicrobial Special Interest  Group (ASIG) Official website


Chair: Dr. John Merlino National ASM ASIG Convenor – Further details contact details: or

Time Title Speaker
08:00-08:30 Welcome ASIG Convenor:ASIG AGM Dr. John MerlinoASIG ASM Chair/Convenor
08:30-09:30 Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing Methods and                      Emerging Resistances in Laboratories Includes a summary RCPA QAP in 2014 –Bacterial Resistances – What methods are clinical labs using and their performance? – Discussions  Dr. John MerlinoASIG ASM Chair/Convenor
09:30-10:00 The International Standards (ISO) and the local Applications in Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Dr. Peter TaylorChair of the RCPA Microbiology Advisory Committee
10:00-10:30 Break -Morning Tea  
10:30-11-15 Automation/Semi-Automated methods  and Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing – Efficiency and Pitfalls Tom OlmaICPMR Westmead HospitalSydney
11:15-12:00 Update on Applications of Molecular Methods in Detecting and Screening for Antimicrobial Resistance in the Laboratory.Will cover both Gram-negative and Gram-positive Resistances.  Justin EllemICPMR Westmead HospitalSydney
12:00 Lunch

PDF Presentations:

ASIG Canberra Workshop

Dr. J Merlino ASM Workshop Canberra AST Testing 2015

Dr. Peter Taylor ISO Standard in AST

Tom Olma Automation and Semi-automation in AST Workshop Automation

Justin Ellem Molecular Antimicrobial Resistance ASM Workshop 2015



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