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About the Antimicrobials Special Interest Group

A large number of members of ASM expressed their disappointment at the void created by ASM not having an active antimicrobial group and the failure of other groups to be truly representative of microbiologists’ interests and encourage the diversity of interests that is so characteristic of ASM. Under the leadership of President Elect, Professor Lyn Gilbert, National Council of ASM decided that a clear need existed for a methodology, science driven, multidiscipline based antimicrobial special interest group under the ASM umbrella.

With the appointment of Dr John Merlino as National Convenor of ASIG, the response and support from ASM membership for ASIG has been overwhelming and remarkable.

A major aim of the ASM ASIG is to review draft and released policies, articles and issues on antimicrobial resistance is to discuss these matters online (electronically) from a broader perspective that covers the diversity of microbiologisty while promoting the science of microbiology together with the codes of practice for microbiologists. This will set the scene for Annual Scientific ASM National Meetings. It will also provide ASIG ASM members with links and up-to-date information on current local and international issues on antimicrobial resistance from various groups, hopefully with regional, national and global rewards.

The success of the re-formed ASM ASIG will involve the participation of members and other SIGs of the ASM, working together, finding more effective ways to educate, communicate and resolve antimicrobial resistance problems with other professional groups, policy makers, and the general public.

John Merlino
National Convenor of the Antimicrobial SIG


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