Microbiology Journal
November 2009

Welcome to The Australian Society for Microbiology Antimicrobial Special Interest Group Web site. The site is designed to provide active exchange of information to those interested in Antimicrobials.

ASIG is a special interest group of ASM and we would encourage you to join ASM and be a part of the excitement that is microbiology, sharing in the many benefits that ASM membership provides – one of which is free membership to the ASIG. If you’d like to receive our newsletter then please register via the contact window. The newsletter is produced monthly and is only available by e-mail to registered members or affiliates of the ASIG. If your not a member of ASM, then please indicate which other Microbiology or Antimicrobial Society/Group you are a member of and we will be pleased to register you on our e-mail list. Overseas affiliates are most welcome. Voting rights are limited to members who are also members of the Australian Society for Microbiology, another advantage of being an ASM member. The objectives and aims of the Antimicrobial SIG are to:

  • Foster association of persons interested in Antimicrobials with the ASM
  • Establish close links between ASM members who may also be part of othe Antimicrobial Groups
  • Promote investigations, methodologies and advance uptodate knowledge on antimicrobial issues by facilitating communication and discussion Nationally and Internationally with other Antimicrobial Societies and ASM members.
  • Assist in organising effective annual scientific meetings incorporating uptodate antimicrobial issues so that ASM members can interact, participate or discuss relevant issues

Whose on the committee? Click on committee – it’s that easy. Remember that we are building this site and will be updating regularly so come back soon and often. Please don’t hesitate to provide feedback via the contact page and please don’t be shy – Diversity is the essence of Microbiology and at the very core of the Australian Society for Microbiology.